Grace Grace United Methodist Church
Kokomo, Indiana

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Christian Believer

Know God With Your Heart And Mind

Discover the Church's answer to questions you face in every day life, questions that arise as a result of your Christian involvement.

Discover the substance of your Christian faith, its connection between believing and living, as you meld church history and doctrine.

See the impact of early Christian documents on the formulation of doctrine, including the ideas of men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Wesley who founded major Protestant denominations.

Study the thoughts of 20th century writers on classical doctrine, and selections from contemporary literature, poetry, and hymns that reflect doctrine and show its effect on life.

Welcome to "Christian Believer", one of the Disciple Family of programs.

You meet 2 ½ hours per week for 30 weeks.

Immerse yourself in small group dynamics as you share, support, and learn.

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