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The Disciple Program

Experience Greater Satisfaction

And Comfort In Your Modern World

The program mirrors the Wesley experience. You share, support, learn, and pray with a small group of 8–12 people.

You experience the wholeness of the Bible as you see how the Old Testament ties in with the New… as you experience the foretelling first hand.

All programs make use of a study manual, Bible, and video presentations to enrich the process.

You meet 2 ½ hours weekly over a period of 30-34 weeks depending upon the particular program.

Programs in the series include…

What Others Say About The Program:

"Disciple classes have done more for

my spiritual growth than anything I

have done. It has helped me understand

scripture and what it is that God expects

of me as a follower of Jesus. Using my

gifts for others that God has given me is

giving me its own rewards.

"No matter where one is on this journey I

believe there is a definite benefit for each

of us."

Shirly Hoy

"The Disciple Bible Study is an eye

opening and life changing experience.

Anyone who embraces this experience

should expect to bechanged in unexpected

ways.  My view of and interaction with the

world has been forever changed.  What a

great experience.  Thanks to all involved."

Jim Beckwith

"Disciple (The Disciple Program) is a

life-changing event.  The Bible study

is incredible and the Christian fellowship

is awesome.  I recommend it for anyone

who wants to grow in their relationship

to Christ and His Body."

Karen Zimmerman

"I’ve enjoyed the class and enjoyed the

people who were in the class.  I have

learned more about the teachings of the

Bible.  It has been nice to take the class

with my husband.  I enjoyed having the

prayer at the beginning of class and the

prayer request and praises at the end."

Denise Beckwith

"Disciple Bible studies have been a great

learning experience for me and have helped

me grow in my faith.  The learning comes

from the Bible, student books, videos, and

interaction with other class members.  There

was also a strong bonding of the class

members during the duration of each of the

disciple classes that I have taken.  This

enhanced the experiences and gave me a

greater knowledge of the body of Christ."

David Brownfield

"I have been taking Disciple Bible Studies for

Several years now; and, it’s a great way to

grow in your faith.  Every season has different

groups of people involved.  I’ve grown to love

each and every one of them.  My faith and

relationships have grown substantially as a

result of these studies."

Paul Zimmerman

"Disciple Bible Study is challenging and

inspirational.It not only enhances a persons

knowledge of the Bible but also provides

fellowship, accountability, and good fun as

we share together."

Phyllis Smith

"The disciples program builds relationships. 

It’s the best Bible study program I’ve taken

because of its scope and the group discussion. 

So, your understanding is refined and tempered…

your life changes."

Ralph Cory

"Disciple Bible studies have gotten me into

reading the Bible, have shown me more of

what it is to be a follower of Christ, and

have led me to a closer relationship with

Him.  My spiritual discipline can still use

improvement, but I’m supported in my

questions and growth by the friendship and

commitment of our Disciple group as we

learn together.  All in all, I’ve been blessed."

Donna Brownfield
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