Grace Grace United Methodist Church
Kokomo, Indiana

Knit 1, Pray Too

Knit One, Pray Too is an amazing ministry here at Grace.  It is a ministry that offers hope and comfort to hurting people and we couldn't be more proud of the work our knitters do here!

Every Monday at 6:30 a group of knitters gathers to talk, pray, grow and of course knit.  They welcome knitters of every skill level or no skill level.  This is a great place to come and learn and pick up a few tips.  It is an amazing way to connect with others here at Grace Church.

The knitters work hard preparing prayer shawls, blankets and other items for church members and those in need.  They have knitted over 200 prayer shawls and baby blankets that are selflessly given to show the exceptional love of God to others.  During the recent tornado here in Kokomo, several prayer shawls went to the victims and gave them comfort when they had lost all else.  They have knitted many pocket prayer shawls that have made their way to comfort our troops.  They even provide knitted knockers for breast cancer survivors.  It is needless to say that these knitters keep their hearts and hands busy with all their knitting and prayers.

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