Grace Grace United Methodist Church
Kokomo, Indiana


Jacob Colclazer

In 1844, Methodist circuit rider Jacob Colclazer found his way to the cabin of Elizabeth and David Foster. At the cabin of trader David Foster, the first Methodist class meeting was organized. Grace Church and Kokomo share a related and interweaving history.

David Foster Talks about the beginnings of Methodism in Kokomo

Every year in September a living history event takes place west of Kokomo near Russiaville, on the banks of the Wildcat Creek.

The festival features re-enactors playing the French and Indian people who lived, fought, along the Wildcat. The enactors also portrayed the early settlers.

Kokomah encampment

In 2010, Val Harris sought out the enactors playing David Foster and Kokomah and captured them on this video:

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