Youth Sunday

September 30, 2007

GUMBY - 6th Grade Band makes its debut

Youth Director T J Knowland coaches ushers Abram Stamper and Ben Bradshaw

Usher Steve Miller takes the collection.

Septem0, 2007

In the drama "Surrender", Katelyn Kingseed portrays a person searching for acceptance in a variety of places. Here she imagines the acceptance she hopes to find in her friend, shortly before friend Landon Egloff crumples her hopes.

Alexis Stamper dramatizes another friend who only partially offers acceptamce.

The entire drama is done as a wordless pantomime.

Andrew Shively delivers the proclamation: "SPEED BUMPS ON THE ROAD TO CHRIST"

aAndrew Shively explains the drama, and the heart which get mangled apart from surrender to Christ. Ben Bradshaw leads the congregation in prayer.. "You Never Let Go"