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Kokomo, Indiana

Mission Ministry Team


Grace United Methodist Church supports the following missionaries:

Sarah Bauson — Wycliffe Bible Translators

Sarah Bauson is a trainer at Wycliffe Bible Translators.

"God’s Word transforms lives. The majority of language groups still needing Bible translation learn best through oral communication. OneStory is an innovative approach to getting God’s Word to oral people groups around the world. After serving for 3 years in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, I am now working with OneStory teams to provide guidance, encouragement, and technical help. I also interact with field entities, recruiters, and potential recruits to facilitate successful OneStory projects. I invite you to join my prayer and financial partnership team as we work together to share the Good News."

Contact Sarah by email:

Jeff Newton

Jeff Newton has been assigned to Trinity United Methodist Church in Kokomo as a part-time pastor with the remaining amount of time being committed to direct the Kokomo Urban Outreach ministry. Jeff is being supported by the churches in the downtown area and also by the surrounding community.

The vision of Kokomo Urban Outreach is to work with churches, organizations and individuals to reach into their neighborhood providing ideas, support, encouragement and guidance. Neighborhoods would be reached through four streams of ministry:

Kokomo Urban Outreach home page

Kokomo Urban Outreach Jeff's Blog

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