Grace Grace United Methodist Church
Kokomo, Indiana

Mission Ministry Team

Special Funds Giving

District Work Camp Fund

The work camp usually takes place at Henderson Settlement in Frakes, KY.   Any district work camp project may be supported through this special fund.

Loose Change Collection

The money is designated to a different local mission each quarter. Funds are to be distributed at the end of each time period to the project selected by the Mission Ministry Team. The loose change from Sunday's collection plate goes to the following organizations as designated for 2009 & 2010:

January-MarchMUFF (Ministerial Utility Fuel Fund)
April- MayRelay for Life
July-SeptemberKUO Buddy Bags

Local Mission Fund

Special gifts will be used for local missions.

Pastor's Discretionary Fund

Special gifts will provide funds for pastors to help needy members and others who find themselves in financial crisis or in need of counseling assistance.

Partners in Ministry Fund

Grace United Methodist Ministerial Fund is used to partner with the seminaries to assist person from our church who are students in seminary and preparing to enter full time Christian service.

Special GUMMEF Mission Fund

The GUMMEF Funds for Missions are deposited here. The funds are to be used at the discretion of the Mission Ministry Fund. It is the goal that every year the funds be used to send a member of our congregation into a mission field. He or she would then report back to the congregation about their experience. The goal is to enhance the excitement for mission ministry among our members and to make a difference through our gifts.

For 2015, the Mission Ministry Team gave the following donations with income from the GUMMEF Fund:

Total expenditures--$12,129.94

"Walk a Mile in My Shoes"

Grace members collected $1225 to Open Arms and had 16 walkers participate in 2008. In 2009 we increased our efforts and had 30 walkers and donated $2241 to Open Arms. Pastor Steve, Rick Hamilton, Tom Prather, Stan Rebber, Glenn Colescott and Tim Garner were good sports to help with raising funds. They walked into the service wearing pink high heels. Thanks to all who helped Grace Church surpassed our goal.

Thanksgiving Dinner Fund

Donations can be given for the annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner which is sponsored by the Kokomo Rescue Mission and Grace United Methodist Church. These funds are to buy decorations, supplies, purchase desserts and salads, etc. If we do not need all the money from this fund, then after the expenses are paid each year, the remainder of the money is sent to the Kokomo Rescue Mission.

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