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2008 Scholarship Awards

On Sunday August 10, Grace Church Scholarship Awards were presented by Jeanne' Harland, Scholarship Chairperson.

She introduced the other members of her committee: Barbara Angel, Karen Foust, Gail Hart, Carol Lutz and Nancy VanHorn.

The Widner/Voorhis Music Scholarship award recipient is Michelle Bulin.
In addition to the regular application, applicants for this scholarship are required to submit a tape of their performance ability for the committee members to judge. Unlike most of the scholarships, applicants for the Widner/Voorhis scholarship do not have to be members or constituents of Grace Church.  This scholarship was established in 1993 in memory of Marguerite Widner from memorial gifts and gifts from her family. In 2005 the Voorhis Family Music Scholarship, a long established scholarship fund of our church was added to the Widner Scholarship as both scholarships were established for the same intended purpose and goals.

The Buell Educational Scholarship award recipient is Jon Rogers. This scholarship was established in 2002 in memory of Mary Ann Buell, a school teacher in the Kokomo community for many years. Mary Ann and her husband, Roland, were also long-time members of Grace Church. The scholarship was established from memorial gifts to the church and by gifts from her immediate family. (Jon also received an academic scholarship).

The Dutton Health Scholarship award recipient is Katy McCracken
This scholarship was established in 1992 following the death of Dr. Kenneth Dutton. It was created from memorial gifts and gifts from the immediate family and is intended for a student entering the health care field.

The Walter Mayer Ministerial Education Scholarship recipient is Melissa Zimmerman. (Melissa also received an Academic Scholarship.)

This scholarship is named in honor of Walter Mayer, the beloved pastor of Grace Church from 1981 to 1988. The Haven Religious Education Fund was combined with this endowment, as it was also established to assist persons from the Grace congregation who would be entering into full time Christian service.

The Bruce Clark General Academic Scholarship award recipient is Betsy Durham. (Betsy also received an Academic Scholarship.)

This scholarship was established in 2007 in memory of Bruce Clark, a school teacher in the Kokomo community for many years and also a long standing member and loyal supporter of Grace Church. The corpus was created from memorial gifts to Grace Church and by gifts from the immediate family.

The Grace Church Academic Scholarship Awards recipients are Betsy Durham, Lauren Kingseed, Drew Kingseed, Katelyn Kingseed, Kasey May, Melanie May, Jon Rogers, and Melissa Zimmerman

The Academic Scholarship Fund has grown over the years from donations by individuals, church organizations and bequests. This fund was established in 1971 and assists deserving persons pursuing advanced education in vocations that support the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.

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