Grace Grace United Methodist Church
Kokomo, Indiana

Rayburn Window  

GRACE CHURCH WINDOWS [This page is still under construction]

Grace United Methodist Church meets in an historic Building.

Our lovely building was constructed in 1896. This was at the height of the gas boom in central Indiana. Elwood Haynes came to Kokomo because his metallurgical skills were needed to create the alloys needed for the valves used to control the gas lines for the gas industry.

Also, Kokomo Opalescent Glass was organized in 1888,
because of the ready supply of natural gas.
Kokomo Opalescent Glass still today makes world-renowned stain glass. This stained glass was used in the windows of our 1896 Grace Methodist Episcopal Church.


You are invited to take a tour of our historic building and its beautiful stained-glass windows. These windows not only allow the sun to enter our building, but also may lead the worshipper to glorify God. Our windows contain meaningful Christian symbols. Many of our windows were donated by families in memory of loved ones



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