Grace UMC Youth Ministries


Grace UMC Youth programs are open and caring places where youth are encouraged to commit to a relationship with Jesus Christ and mature in their faith through education, fellowship and service.

  1. All youth are welcome and accepted.

Contact Information:

Youth Administrator:

    Jeff Gehring (765) 457-5329

        Office Hours: Wed. 1-5pm in Youth Office

Youth Leader:

    Alexis Stampler (765) 457-5329

        Office Hours: Wednesday 12:30-3pm

United Methodist Youth Fellowship

What is it?

Every Sunday we meet as a unified body and have times of games, prayer, and a message. This provides a time where youth can get closer to each other and most importantly get closer to God through worship and fellowship.

When is it?

Sunday from 6:30-8pm

Where is it?

It is located at Grace UMC at 219 W. Mulberry St, Kokomo (use the map below)

R.eaching E.veryone A.s C.hrist’s H.ands-and-feet

What is it?

REACH is a time when youth in grades 6-12 can come together to hang out in a comfortable and relaxed environment and be themselves. They can play video games, cards, board games, do homework, or simply fellowship with one another. This is a low-key place where youth can come as they are. All are welcome!!!

When is it?

Wednesday from 6-8pm.

Where is it?

Grace Community Center @ 216 W. Walnut Street, Kokomo (use the map below)