Feel Seen. Be Known.

You shouldn’t have to worry about not fitting in

We understand that sometimes your life situation makes you feel like you won’t fit in at a church. Especially, a big traditional looking church like Grace. You worry you won’t be dressed right or act right. So, you avoid church and miss out on the chance to feel seen, have your needs met, and find happiness and community.

Take a step toward the life you deserve.

Share your story. Find a group of people to live life with. Use your experiences to help others find hope.


1. Help Us See You

We want to see you and know you. Will you give us that opportunity? Connect with us and help us know how we might best know you and serve you.


2. Find Your People

We all need a group of people we can count on to encourage us and hold us up when times are hard. We want to connect you with your people.


3. Help Others Be Seen

When you feel seen, have your needs met, and have people around you to support you, you will find the strength to do the same for others.

God is doing a new thing through the oldest church in Kokomo

At Kokomo Grace, we know you want to be seen. The problem is you often feel like you don’t fit in, which leaves you discouraged and lonely. You deserve to be seen for who you are and who you can be.

We all have our own story of not feeling seen and realize the church has often not helped. We too have wrestled with being seen for who we once were instead of who we are becoming; a church who sees and cares for people in tough places.

So, help us see you. Let us know who you are and how we can help you. We’ll find you a group of people you can live the ups and downs of life with so through your own growth, you’ll find yourself strong enough to be there for others as well.

We want you to feel seen and encouraged by a group of  people you can truly count on. So, don’t continue feeling unseen. Don’t miss a chance to have your needs met and find happiness.

Help us see you today.