Grace Scholarships

We at Grace United Methodist Church value education and look forward to the opportunity to support you in your endeavors. The following scholarships are available from Grace: Grace Academic Scholarships, Mary Ann Buell Education Scholarship, Edward D. Burkhalter Scholarship, Bruce Clark General Academic Scholarship, Dutton Health Care Scholarship, Paul and Thelma Eichholz Scholarship, Dr. Robert and June Hill Scholarship, Albert Wald Scholarship, Walter Mayer Ministerial Education Scholarship, and the Widner/Voorhis Music Scholarship.

Below is the scholarship application form and a brochure describing the available scholarships. You will also need access to a copy of the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church available at Contact the church office if you need a printed copy.

In order to be considered for a Grace scholarship, you must be an active member or active attendee of Grace UMC. Your forms must be filled out completely, have all necessary information attached, and be returned by the deadline of Friday, May 14, by noon. Applications will not be considered if the information is incomplete or late.

 Applicant Check List:

  • All necessary information returned to Grace Office no later than Friday, May 14, by noon.
  • Indication of the scholarship(s) for which you are applying.
  • Scholarship information form completed and signed.
  • Official transcript or copy of your most recent official transcript (high school or college, as appropriate)
  • Essay concerning life goals and the Social Principles of the UMC.
  • Short answer questions completed.
  • Two references from Grace United Methodist Church Members.
  • Music Scholarship: Musical performance recording and letter of recommendation.

If you are awarded a scholarship from Grace United Methodist Church and your circumstances change and you are unable to attend college, we will be relying on your integrity to return the funds so that some other deserving candidate may benefit from the scholarship.

If you have any questions, please call Grace United Methodist Church office at 765-457-5329.

Grace Scholarship Committee

Download and Complete an Application